Sicily is a magical place where respecting the environment gives wines with a great character. But not only wines are something special in this island, Sicilia is full of Art and History, of a unique Culture and Gastronomy where the pervading Nature shows its strength. The following section represents a photographic journey that will lead you to the discovery of such a unique land: Sicily.


Sicily is a unique land that has been conquered by many different peoples for its climate, nature and landscapes. Every conquest has left its mark, which is visible today in Sicily's countless traditions that bear endless testimony to this great land and its history. Partial raisining of the fruit begins on the vine and is completed in special fruit drying cellars, where accurately regulated ventilation levels ensure that grapes achieve the perfect level of dehydration before pressing.


Sicily is a force of nature. While it is a small land, it's a very strong one with an array of distinctly spectacular landscapes. Sea, mountains and hills each with their own colors, are as unique as paintings in their frames. Discover what you like most and let your senses enjoy.


In Sicily, every event has a story behind it. The traditions are thousands of years old and are the result of a lot of cultural mixing. Society has always evolved in the name of diversity and multi-ethnic combinations are as old as time. All of this has played a role in every aspect of social life: the market, religious festivals, cuisine.

Sicilian family.
Eternally hailed by film, painting, literature and art in general, the Sicilian family is the ultimate expression of a culture. Family holds a sacred place for any respectful Sicilian. A cult, the family requires a devotion that every member must respect and guard jealously. The family is the center of affection and it is the primary institution that lends a sense of belonging, a way of being. This bond is not only physical, by blood, but also psychological. This vision must be shared. That's how you become a part of this nucleus that strengthens over time and continues due to the following generations.

Historic Markets.
There are three historic markets in Palermo and they are much more than just open spaces where you can make a purchase. The main market is at the top of the old Arab quarter of the "schiavoni". Today, as in the past, this is one of the most populous areas of the historic center. The Vucciria market - whose name comes from the French "Boucherie" (butcher) - seems to have already existed as early as the tenth century. Subsequently, the slaughterhouse was moved and Vucciria expanded into the nearby streets. Finally Ballarò, whose name comes from Bahlara, a village in the hills surrounding Palermo from where the merchants who attended the market came. The market is the oldest, and perhaps due to this reason, you can find the greatest diversity of people of different races. Typical of markets is the so-called "abbanniata", or, the way in which the merchants would scream in order to best sell their wares. Every market is the epitome of the micro world of which we spoke that raises your intrigue and possesses that certain something by which you will be enchanted.

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