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25 August. NEWS

Barone Montalto is part of the area where was born, Santa Ninfa, on the North Western coast of Sicily. It is a winery which preserves the wine tradition and expertise of our Sicilian land. The majority of the vineyards are located in the Belice Valley, province of Trapani, where the Mediterranean climate is especially suitable to grown grapes, with its mild winters and warm summers. The vine training system used is guyot or double guyot and the main characteristics of our grapes varieties are:

Pinot Grigio
Leaf: small, with three lobes. Bunch: small, cylindrical shape, semi-compact, sometimes winged. Grape: medium-small, compact and with grey-purple colour (at the end of ripening season)


Leaf: medium, with five lobes. Bunch: medium, cylindrical-conic shape, with sparse grapes. Grape: medium, spherical ellipsoidal with thick golden yellow skin (at the end of ripening season)


Leaf: medium, with five lobes. Bunch: medium, pyramidal shape, winged and sometimes with sparse grapes. Grape: medium, spherical with thick black-blue coloured skin (at the end of ripening season)

Nero d'Avola

Leaf: medium, circular shape, entire. Bunch: medium, compact and with one wing. Grape: medium, oval with waxy blue skin (at the end of ripening season) 

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16 October

Momenti di quotidianità a #baronemontalto! 😊 --- Moments of everyday life at #baronemontalto! 😊 #wine #grapes #winelovers #winepassion #winery #winelife #wineblogger #sicilia #sicily #experiencesicily

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14 October

Oggi è il #dessertday, in Sicilia amiamo celebrare questa ricorrenza ogni giorno ;) --- Today is #dessertday, in Sicily we love celebrating this event every day ;) #baronemontalto #experiencesicily #sicily #sicilia #siciliabedda

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13 October

A ... come Ammasso! E' il fiore all'occhiello di Barone Montalto. Il termine Ammasso sta ad indicare una ancestrale tecnica di ammostamento che ancora oggi viene praticata sulle migliori partite di uva della Sicilia. Il vino ottenuto da parziale appassimento sulla pianta risulta opulento, potente, ma finemente equilibrato. Le note candite si avvolgono a quelle tostate regalando al palato pienezza e sensualità. --- A ... for Ammasso! It is the flagship of Barone Montalto. Ammasso means a traditional winemaking technique that still today is used to vinify the best parcels in Sicily. Ammasso is opulent but gently balanced. Candied notes and toasted hints ensure a flavorful and sensual palate. #glossariomontalto #experiencesicily #baronemontalto #winelovers #winepassion

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29 December

So, you think you know Barone Montalto?

So, you think you know wine?  A new interesting blind tasting from the Canadian WineAlign.Do you think you could do better? Test your friends ...

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23 October

AWC Vienna 2016

Nero d'Avola Passivento 2015Silver

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28 July

Best Wine in Box 2016

Catarratto Viognier Terre Siciliane IGT

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