La cantina con l'enologa fimmina (Sicilian dialect for: the winery with a female winemaker)

24 June. NEWS

Well, that's true. The soul of Barone Montalto, the artisan of wine, observer and actress from the vineyards to the bottles, is a little great woman. Federica Lauterio, our winemaker.

Coming from Abruzzo and now living in Sicily, she is doing something that is still considered a male job. In fact, Sicily is at the lowest-rank in Italy for the employment of female winemakers (Assoenologi: march 2013), but things are changing. Four years ago Federica met Barone Montalto and we were convinced by her energy and passion for wines.

Grown-up in a family where wine and vineyards were an important part of the daily life, she had the possibility to improve her knowledge studying Viticulture and Oenology at the Faculty of Agriculture - Univerity of Udine (Cormòs campus). Thanks to the international and multicultural aspect of this campus, she could deal with students coming from Argentina, Canada and Germany.

Curious, passionate and inspired by different wine experiences, she has travelled and worked in different wine producing countries (California, Australia, New Zealand) with the aim to understand stories, wines and people. In 2009, she arrived here and felt in love with Sicily, starting the collaboration with Barone Montalto.

Admitting that it was hard at the beginning, considering the contest and the fact of working mainly with a male team, to whom says that it isn't a female job she replies simply smiling and rolling up her sleeves. Every day is a challenge and an opportunity to test and comparing herself with other people and experimenting her own wine creativity.

First of all, she believes in respecting and feeling the natural environment: every day she is inspired by Sicily and her wines are made to enhance the typical link to the land and the quality. Also she strongly believes in Barone Montalto, with the desire, enthusiasm and awareness that an improvement is always possible.

Wine is as much simple and natural as emotional product. Her sensitivity as female winemaker is best expressed in her Sicilian wines, made for all Barone Montalto lovers around the world.

More about Federica

Favourite wines
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (considering her roots..) and Nero d'Avola. For the white: Friulano (called Tocai Friulano until few years ago).

What colleagues say about her
"She is cheerful and positive, a bit distract and imprecise, with a good nose and palate. She is for sure a good friend passionate about wines!" (Scipione Giuliani, Mondo del vino group)
"Federica is smiling, positive and always ready to help in case of need. With these great and not taken for granted qualities, she is able to share her big passion for wine with all people around her. In few words, she is a great colleague as well as a friend…" (Simone Cortese, Mondo del vino group)

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21 February

La Pignoccata, detta anche Pignolata, è uno dei tipici dolci Siciliani, a base di palline di pasta fritta e miele. Si cucina tradizionalmente nel periodo di Carnevale ed è diffuso in tutta la Sicilia. 🍴 Pignoccata, also known as Pignolata, is one of the most typical Sicilian desserts made from fried dough and honey. Its name derives from its pine cone shape and is traditionally prepared during the Carnival period throughout Sicily. #baronemontalto #baronemontaltowine #sicily #experiencesicily #sicilia #wine #vino #winelover #winetime #winelovers #instawine #winelife #wine🍷 #ilovewine #lovewine #wineaddict #winewinewine #winesofinstagram #wineoftheday #instavino #instawines #winetime #wineoclock #cheers #verysicilian #traditions #culture

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18 February

Dalle uve a bacca bianca della Sicilia nasce il nostro #biancopassivento, vino caratterizzato da un colore giallo paglierino e dal sapore ricco e fruttato.⠀ Provalo con pesce e formaggi freschi! 🍴⠀ ---⠀ Our #biancopassivento is born from the white grapes of Sicily, it has a straw yellow color and rich and fruity flavors.⠀ Try it with fresh fish and cheese! 🍴 #baronemontalto #baronemontaltowine #experiencesicily #passivento #whitewine #grapes #sicilia #sicily #wine #winelovers #winetime #instawine #winepassion #winery#winelife #wine🍷#redwine #vinorosso #ilovewine #lovewine #wineaddict #instavino #wineoclock #cheers⠀ ⠀

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16 February

Il Mercato di Ballarò è il più antico e caratteristico mercato storico di Palermo. La merce è disposta ordinatamente su cassette di legno e balate di marmo. La disposizione dei prodotti è una vera composizione artistica, che si completa con le particolari cannucce infilzate su ogni prodotto per indicarne i prezzi e le tende illuminate da lampadine che pendono dall'alto. Ci si può trovare veramente di tutto e non mancano i numerosi punti di street food. Una gita tra i sapori, i colori, gli odori, i suoni e i rumori di una Palermo multietnica e suggestiva. 😎 The Ballarò Market is one of the oldest and most characteristic open air markets of Palermo. The goods are arranged neatly on wooden boxes with the arrangement reminiscent of an Arab "suk." The arrangement of the products is a true work of art, offering everything from fresh fruit to very traditional street food from Palermo. #baronemontalto #baronemontaltowine #sicily #experiencesicily #discoversicily #sicilia #winetime #wineoclock #ilovewine #lovewine #wineaddict #winewinewine #winesofinstagram #cheers #wine #vino #winelover #winetime #winelovers #instawine #winelife #wine🍷 #wineoftheday #instavino #instawines

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29 December

So, you think you know Barone Montalto?

So, you think you know wine?  A new interesting blind tasting from the Canadian WineAlign.Do you think you could do better? Test your friends ...

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23 October

AWC Vienna 2016

Nero d'Avola Passivento 2015Silver

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28 July

Best Wine in Box 2016

Catarratto Viognier Terre Siciliane IGT

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