Ready for a new tour: Sicily goes to Norway!

02 May. NEWS

A suitcase, Barone Montalto wines, passion, three cities to be discovered and new people to meet. Together with our importer, Engelstad, we took part in the tastings organized by the Norwegian Vinmonopolet: from Trondheim, through Bergen, and last stop Ålesund.

Norway, only considering the few things seen by taxis and planes, seduces and surprises. It is one of the most successful economy in terms of social well-being, with a high level of quality of life – we saw and felt it. Here the Made in Italy tag is even more appreciated. So the best place where people can discover also the Made in Sicily by Barone Montalto!

In Norway, the wine business is controlled by a government authority called Vinmonopolet: it is the only one allowed to sell wine and any other alcoholic drinks. We were involved in the tastings and events organized by the monopoly, meeting people working at the shops and tasting with them our wines. A glass of Sicily in this lukewarm Norwegian Spring!

Fresh, fruity and fragrant, Nero d’Avola Rosato Acquerello has been one of the most appreciated, together with Catarratto Chardonnay and Nero d’Avola Appassimento method Collezione di Famiglia. These wines offer a great quality, coming from highly selected grapes, and able to adapt themselves to the needs and requests of the market in terms of packaging (BIB and BIT formats) and communication.

This is extremely important in a market where a wine is mainly chosen considering the price, the quality of the product and the brand reputation. Once again Barone Montalto is able to combine these characteristics and offer to the consumers not only a bottle of wine but also the passion of the Sicilian lands where its roots are. Let people discover a wine means especially to explore and tell them about the territory, with its own traditions, stories and people.

A huge thank you to all the friends from Engelstad family! Stay Tuned!

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17 July

Ecco una piccola preview delle delizie che ci ha riservato la nostra tappa di Ragusa. Prima, però, spegniamo i cellulari! ;) Enjoy a preview of the tasty flavours that we had in Ragusa, our second stop of this beautiful journey. But first, let's switch off our cellphones ;) #experiencesicily

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13 July

It’s impossible to resist the charm of Ragusa: its light, its Baroque buildings, its hiddens corners of pure beauty are a perfect location that doesn’t need any special effect. Here we discovered unique flavours, that we will tell you about very soon. #experiencesicily

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5 July

L’abbinamento perfetto per le sere d’estate? #cucunci e #ostriche 🤩😍😋 #baronemontalto #experiencesicily #saporidisicilia

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29 December

So, you think you know Barone Montalto?

So, you think you know wine?  A new interesting blind tasting from the Canadian WineAlign.Do you think you could do better? Test your friends ...

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23 October

AWC Vienna 2016

Nero d'Avola Passivento 2015Silver

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28 July

Best Wine in Box 2016

Catarratto Viognier Terre Siciliane IGT

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