Nero d’Avola


Nero d’Avola

Production Area

Sicily Region - Valle del Belice


Medium soil with predominantly calcareous clay with iron. Mediterranean climate.


Maceration for 12-15 days at 26 ° C with daily pumping over. After racking the wine is aged in stainless steel tanks for about four months before being bottled. It is not aged in wood to preserve the freshness of the aromas.

Tasting notes

This wine has a ruby red color with violet highlights. The nose is filled with dark fruit jam, prugnes, licorice, blackberries, and vanilla. Excellent balance of acidity and sweet flavors, creating a solid structure and persistent finish.


Perfect with pesto pasta, grilled meats, and pecorino cheese. Serve between 16-18° C / 60-64°F. Fine for serving shortly after opening.

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15 January

Oggi è il famigerato #bluemonday, noi lo combattiamo con il #rosso del #nerodavola 🍷🍷🍷 we fight blue monday with a better color #red as #wine #winelover #wineaddict #baronemontalto

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31 December

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7 November

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29 December

So, you think you know Barone Montalto?

So, you think you know wine?  A new interesting blind tasting from the Canadian WineAlign.Do you think you could do better? Test your friends ...

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23 October

AWC Vienna 2016

Nero d'Avola Passivento 2015Silver

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28 July

Best Wine in Box 2016

Catarratto Viognier Terre Siciliane IGT

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