Production Area

Sicily Region - Valle del Belice


Alluvial and deep brown soils, medium texture, sandy-clay composition, high content of organic matter. Mediterranean climate.


12 hours of cold maceration prior to pressing results in maximum flavor potential. Fermentation in stainless steel vats at 12-14°C for 20 days is carried out to conserve the fruit flavor and sensory profile.

Tasting notes

A brilliant, clear, yellow wine with an interesting bouquet of floral, nutty, and fruity aromas. This is a medium-structured wine with an amazingly crisp acidity.


Great with starters made with Italian cheeses and shellfish. Especially suitable for quiche made with Sicilian vegetables or baked stuffed red onions. Serve between 49°-55°F./ 10°-12°C.

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13 May

Un augurio speciale da #baronemontalto #passivento #festadellamamma #mothersday

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28 April

History, art and delicious flavours: Palermo is the beating heart of Sicily. It was great starting here our journey. #ExperienceSicily

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26 April

Meet Gianmichele and Lorena Messina from Forneria Messina: they were able to seize the soul of our Passivento Rosso Terre Siciliane IGT by creating an extraordinary flavoured dish. It was the first stop of our #ExperienceSicily journey.

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29 December

So, you think you know Barone Montalto?

So, you think you know wine?  A new interesting blind tasting from the Canadian WineAlign.Do you think you could do better? Test your friends ...

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23 October

AWC Vienna 2016

Nero d'Avola Passivento 2015Silver

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28 July

Best Wine in Box 2016

Catarratto Viognier Terre Siciliane IGT

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